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Located on 60 acres in Birdtown, Arkansas, Hawgs hemp farm is a licensed grower and seller of Industrial Hemp for CBD.

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It Starts with the Ideal Location

At Green Remedies Group, we are committed to quality from the ground up. We start with the best possible ingredients, beginning with the land. Our farm is located in Birdtown in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley. Nestled between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, this region is known for its fertile fields. The Arkansas River runs through this area. Blue lakes dot the landscape. Three of the state’s highest peaks jut up from the lowlands. Its rich soil and mild climate make it ideal for viticulture as it is Arkansas’s only wine producing region with several family-owned, generations-old vineyards and wineries in operation. These conditions combine to create the perfect environment for our farm. Our land has never been used as an agricultural farm and has never been treated with pesticides. Visit our farm to learn more about our special location and specific process for manufacturing the highest quality products.

About GRG

Green Remedies Group (GRG) is an Arkansas-based holding company with 100% ownership of vertically integrated companies in industrial hemp and medical cannabis. GRG has licenses in certified seed, hemp growing and processing with the Arkansas State Plant Board at the Department of Agriculture. We are involved in the state’s pilot research program for hemp-derived cannabinoid in the form of oil, distillates and isolates for the U.S. wholesale market. Our brands include Indigenous Seed, Hawgs Hemp Farm and Hawgs Hemp Refinery.

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